Effect Methods Reference:

Method Description
animate() Perform custom animation using element's style properties.

Example: $('#myDiv').animate({ height: '200px', width: '200px'});
clearQueue() Remove all the animations from the queue that have not been run.

Example: $('#myDiv').clearQueue();
delay() Set a timer to delay execution of animations in the queue.

Example: $('#myDiv').delay(5000);
dequeue() Execute the next animation in the queue for the selected element.

Example: $('#myDiv').dequeue();
queue() Show or manipulate the queue of functions to be executed on the selected element.

Example: $('#myDiv').queue().length
fadeIn() Display selected element(s) by fading them to opaque.

Example: $('#myDiv').fadeIn(5000);
fadeOut() Hides selected element(s) by fading them to transparent.

Example: $('#myDiv').fadeOut(5000);
fadeTo() Adjust the opacity of the selected element(s)

Example: $('#myDiv').fadeTo(500);
fadeToggle() Display or hide the selected element(s) by animating their opacity.

Example: $('#myDiv').fadeToggle(5000);
finish() Stop currently running animation and clear the queue for selected element(s)

Example: $('#myDiv').finish();
jQuery.fx.interval The rate at which animation fires.

Example: $.fx.interval = 2000
jQuery.fx.off Disable all the animations globally.

Example: $.fx.off;
hide() Hide selected element(s).

Example: $('#myDiv').hide(5000);
show() Display selected element(s).

Example: $('#myDiv').show(5000);
stop() Stop currently running animations on the selected element(s).

Example: $('#myDiv').stop()
toggle() Display hidden element(s) or hide visible element(s).

Example: $('#myDiv').toggle(5000);
slideUp() Hide selected element(s) with sliding up motion.

Example: $('#myDiv').slideUp(5000);
slideDown() Display selected element(s) with sliding down motion.

Example: $('#myDiv').slideDown(5000);
slideToggle() Display or hide selected element(s) with sliding motion.

Example: $('#myDiv').slideToggle(5000);